Why Stay in a fabulous French Chateau

When you think of lavish luxury holidays you may think of the Seychelles or some exotic location but in terms of luxury with added convenience then you cannot do better than a luxury chateau or villa in France.

If you have never booked a holiday in a French chateau before then you will be amazed by the luxury, the locations, the size, the facilities and the price of renting out a piece of French history. Instead of waiting hours at the airport, travelling on a plane for hours and then transferring to your accommodation why not take an easy trip across the channel to some of the most stunning destinations in the world. The advantages of a luxury Villa in France are many and varied but include:

French chateaux were built on the best available sites, as they belonged to the privileged few they made sure that they were built overlooking the best scenery in the country. You may have open fields, hillsides or fabulous coastlines as your vista as you wake up in the morning or drink wine on the terrace at night. A lot of them were built on hilltops as they could survey their lands or even for easy defence. The locations are idyllic and provide an ideal place for you to relax and explore all that France has to offer.

Wherever in France the Chateau may be located it will be easily reached from the UK either by plane or by car. This accessibility makes getting there simple and also cost effective especially if you are travelling as a group or large family.


All French Chateaus are of a good size by their nature, they are often large opulent buildings with many original features. They lend themselves to family holidays or holidays taken with friends. Often they can sleep upwards of 20 people so you can have a great time with the people you love, sharing meals and days out. They also make the perfect location for family events like weddings or anniversaries. Many can be catered, if you so wish, so all your meals are provided or you can just book one or two ‘special meals’ for those times when you want spoiling.

Price is one of the major advantages of a French Chateau, the term "chateau" can give the impression that it is an expensive holiday but in fact it can be completely the opposite. You may be surprised by how cost effective they can be especially when you are travelling with other family or friends and the cost is split. Added to that the cheap travel costs in getting to your French chateau and you can see that in fact you have a luxury holiday at the price you would normally pay for a cheap package deal. You get all the luxury and atmosphere of the chateau for the price of a run of the mill hotel.

In these hard times we all need a bit of spoiling now and then so why don’t you and your family and friends take advantage of this style and luxury and have a truly memorable holiday. Visit www.simplychateau.com or www.luxuryvillasfrance.net to view the best French chateaus available.