Choose France for luxury villas

So what are people looking for when they search for a holiday well the list is endless but top choices include great beaches, countryside, quality accommodation, night life, family attractions, architecture, history, good travel links and cost effectiveness. So where can you go that offers all of this? Well the answer is easy France!

It is not by accident that France is the world’s number 1 holiday destination and it has been a firm favourite for years. Obviously the French are aware of this and put a great deal of effort into maintaining their status. For instance you can find a tourist office in every city and near all the popular tourist venues.

France is such a large country and each region offers something different so it is worth taking time to visit as much of France as you can so you can experience all of the aspects that it offers. Don’t make the mistake of rushing round visiting tourist spot after tourist spot making your holiday one long rush. France is about relaxation and about experiencing the atmosphere. France is such a diverse place people always make up their own minds as to which region they like best.

When you visit France explore; find the best places and then when you go back you will know which region suits you best and where you can achieve the relaxation and satisfaction you need. When planning whether it be to stay two weeks or just for a short break I would recommend staying in one of the many gites or villas on offer. Renting a chateau, a holiday villa, or a holiday apartment can be the best way to experience the French way of life and you get a totally different experience than staying in a hotel. Large hotels these days are much of a muchness whether you’re staying in London, Dubai or New York the decor and uniformity of design are pretty much standard to meet the expectations of visitors which leads to a less authentic stay. If on holiday with children or other families it can be inconvenient to stay in hotels and it can be an advantage to stay in private accommodation. You can cook independently for the kids, not worry when they run around or start crying and you know you have the option to just sit and kick back with a glass of wine sat in your own garden while the kids play around you.

So what should you do? Well look up a great value French villas and gites, try as a starting point, and find a great value luxury French villa for 2 to 40 people. Not only will you find them more comfortable and more authentic than a hotel, but cost wise you will be amazed by how much you can get for a relatively low cost. Holiday villa rentals has long been a tradition in France and Simply Chateau has been sending people on great holidays for years and have the expertise to make your stay truly memorable. They have a wide selection of French chateaus, villas and gites to suit all tastes and budgets ready to accommodate you during your holiday in France.